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Parenting Resources

God calls parents and grandparents to inspire and nurture strong faith in the next generation. That’s why we equip moms and dads to be intentional about spiritual formation at home.

Stewardship & Family

Free resources to help you become a better steward in your relationships with your family.

Your Child's Education

Parents today often feel like they fail to measure up in their responsibilities—especially in something as challenging as giving their children a good education in an increasingly complex world.  As you evaluate the many schooling options available to your family, reflect on the following questions to help apply Biblical wisdom to your educational choices.


Exploring Adoption

Should you adopt a child? Millions of children around the world need homes. Many homes seem to have something missing that adoption offers to fill. As you process feelings of hope and eagerness in your heart, the practical questions can often seem paralyzing: 

Intentional Parenting

Every believing parent hopes his or her child will embrace the faith and grow deep spiritual roots.  But studies tell us that over half of those growing up in Christian homes will walk away from Christianity by the time they leave the teen years – never to return.   Too often, parents “outsource” the spiritual formation of their children to the church.  And while a good church is very important, God designed the family to be the primary place where faith is nurtured.  So parents need to understand four principles that can help them become more intentional about their child’s faith.  


Preparing For Adolesence

“Enjoy ‘em now, because they’ll drive you crazy when they’re teenagers!” That’s the warning parents of pre-teens often hear. The implication: the teen years will be excruciatingly, unavoidably rough for everyone concerned. Obviously you and your pre-teen are in for a lot of change, but turmoil isn’t inevitable. You have the opportunity—before the cataclysmic transition from childhood to adulthood begins—to intentionally navigate your son or daughter through that change in a proactive and positive way.

Introducing Your Child to Christ

The fact you’re reading this indicates you are concerned about your child’s faith. As you care for your child’s daily needs and work to prepare him or her for success in life, there’s nothing more important than caring for their spiritual needs and helping them prepare for eternity. It’s likely that you are reading this because, like many parents, you don’t know quite how (or when) to go about introducing your child to Christ. Parents who worry that they don’t have the training or understanding to lead their children to salvation may be tempted to just leave it to the “professionals”—to rely on people at church or ministry events. That’s understandable, but God has given you the most important and most influential role when it comes to influencing your child’s path to salvation. All it takes is a little training for you to feel more comfortable about the when and how of introducing them to Christ.


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